Building Schools in Haiti

Welcome to the Haiti School Building Project!

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The Mission

Pairing Toronto’s most at risk youth with the most at risk youth in the world – the children of Haiti – and through education and learning create a miracle. Through in-class programming and leadership skills The Haiti School Building Project gives youth the opportunity to attend a safe school building and receive an education regardless of their life circumstances and or location on the globe. Our primary goal is to empower youth locally and globally. They all have the potential to bring about great change in their lives and the world around them.

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In twinning with Third World Awareness (TWA), the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is not only supporting their efforts to restore the Haitian population but we are using TWA’s already established Haitian connections to build the first ever sister school in an area where hundreds of children are without the basic right to education. We, the TDSB will be able to travel to Canaan via satellite with TWA and participate in creating the first-ever safe school building in the area.
The reason we have chosen this location to build is because TWA already has established connections with the community and we trust the locals in the area to help us get the job done. In addition, we have spoken and met the people in this community and they have expressed a strong desire and interest in the TDSB to support this project. The school construction site has already started and is currently standing at ground level. It took one year to complete the blue prints of the school (see photo gallery) and to actually build the foundation according to earthquake standards. The cement foundation is ready for the next steps: to actually start building (see photo gallery and blue prints). We (the TDSB) have the opportunity to give back and in turn change the lives of hundreds of kids forever. We (Section 23 Schools) through the TDSB have the opportunity to make history here. The TDSB is one of the largest education systems in the world and so, I ask, why can’t we give back and help our friends and family across the globe?


David Cuillaum who is the general coordinator of all the community services and activities happening in Canaan, has assured me personally that he and the entire community of workers and volunteers will do whatever it takes to make this school a reality for them. He has also indicated to me that this school will not be run as a business to make money or profit but will be instead a place where children can come to learn and grow regardless of their life circumstances.