The Haiti School Building Project

The Haiti School Building Team has been created to motivate and educate the most at-risk youth here in Canada, Haiti and beyond. The Haiti School Building Project educates Toronto’s most at risk youth on globalization, community and philanthropy. Through dynamic programming The Haiti School Building Project facilities confidence building, skill-development and personal growth. Meanwhile, our partnership with Haiti empowers similarly at-risk Haitian youth the opportunity to attend a safe school building and receive an adequate education regardless of their life circumstances.


Provide Education

We wholeheartedly believe in the basic right to education and learning, regardless of life circumstance or location.

Empower Youth

We trust that through educating youth, anything is possible.

Build Connections

We believe that this movement will empower everyone who is involved; starting in our local Toronto classrooms and then snowballing outwards across Canada, and around the globe.

Respect Local Culture

We respect and trust the power of the local and global community to empower and help the youth in Canaan, Haiti.

The Haiti School Building Project is dedicated to providing an education for at-risk children in Haiti regardless of religious belief, political affiliation, or financial ability. In addition to being a school, the surrounding community will also use the site as an adult learning centre in the evenings. In this way, the entire community of Canaan will be serviced.

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