Welcome to the Haiti School Building Project

The Haiti School Building Project pairs Toronto’s most at risk youth with the most at risk youth in the world with the children of Haiti. Together, through education and learning, we create a miracle. Dynamic in-class programming and leadership skills gives youth involved in The Haiti School Building Project the opportunity to attend a safe school building and receive an education regardless of their life circumstances and or location on the globe.




Our primary goal is to empower youth locally and globally.

The Haiti School Building Project was born in March 2011 by Toronto’s most at risk population. The project was implemented to build their self esteem and give then a sense of purpose as they give back and help others. The primary goal of the Haiti School Building Project is to fund, construct and establish a safe, well equipped school in Canaan, Haiti, so the children living there will have the opportunity to learn and grow, just as our students do here in Toronto.

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All is takes if for one person to walk into your life and make you believe that you can do anything. The Haiti School Building Project provides the tools and resources necessary to bring about great change and transformation not only to the lives of those who are directly effected by the cause but in turn to radiate goodness and spread love to all beings everywhere.