Building Schools in Haiti

Why We Do It

The overall reason for building the Haiti School Building Project is to educate children worldwide and give them the opportunity to learn and grow through social justice and empowerment. We at the TDSB believe that the best way to fight poverty and social injustices is through education and learning. That is, by building a TDSB sister schools, we aim to educate children world wide and give then them chance to escape the difficulties of every day life and in turn help to restore their hope, faith and belief that social change is possible.

We want every child on the globe to have the opportunity to experience growth and learning through education and educational resources regardless of their life stories. We do it to empower youth both locally and internationally and get them to see that they are the future and thus they have the chance to change the world and make it a better place. We do it to promote learning and growth through education and educational resources. We do it because we care, because we love and because we are privileged and lucky enough to do so.