April 20, 2012

Why We Do It

Education is the Key to Success:)

The overall reason for building the Haiti School Building Project is to educate and empower children worldwide and give them the opportunity to learn and grow in ways they never dreamed possible. We believe that the best way to fight poverty and social injustices is through education and learning. We aim to educate children and give them a chance to not only dream big but provide the skills and tools necessary for such change. The Haiti School Building Project gives youth and opportunity to have belief not only in themselves but through social justice and change, ALL things are possible.


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The Haiti School Building Project provides Education to those who have long been ignored in an attempt to restore their faith and give them them a sense of purpose as they now have a place to attend school daily and learn how to make a meaningful difference not only inter lives but the world around them. We do it to empower youth both locally and globally and get them to see that they are the future and they have the chance to change the world and make it a better place.


We provide the gift of Education because we care, we love and we are privileged and lucky enough to do so.